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The Three Amigos of Quilting-KTX

The Three Amigos of Quilting

Do you love to piece, but are not confident with the quilting process? Do you have some or all of the machine quilting tools and would like to learn when and how to use them? Then this is the class for you as you learn to develop your own personal quilting style and start machine quilting those tops! A full range of subjects will be covered, including choosing the correct needle, thread, and tension, so that the back of your project looks as great as the front. Machine quilting has never been easier with Stitch Regulators, Walking Feet and built-in Dual Feed systems. Together, these tools become “The Three Amigos” – a creative force in the world of machine quilting! This is a beginning hands-on technique class and no experience is needed.


Prerequisite: Must have at least one or all of the following tools – walking foot, built in dual feed or stitch regulator for your machine

Supplies (Printer Friendly Version)

Class Workbook available in store for $15 (15% Discount does not apply)

Sewing Machine – must be in good working order, cleaned and oiled before class

Foot control

Power cord

Straight Stitch throat plate (if available for your machine)

Standard throat plate for your machine (9 or 5 mm)

Slide on table or Sew Steady Table

FHS (Free Hand System) (if available for your machine)

Small brush to clean machine

Machine oil, if it came with your machine

Spool caps

Thread net (if your machine came with one)

Tool/screwdriver to change needle if needed

Note: please bring your machine manual if you are unsure how to use your machine

Class require least one of the following, but bring all that you have

  • Walking Foot
  • Your favorite Dual Feed Foot - if your machine has dual feed system
  • Stitch Regulator with any extra soles that come with it

 Thread stand if you have one – do not buy for the class

Gloves such as Machingers (tight fitting glove with fingertip grips)

Ball point pen or thin tipped marker that will permanently mark your fabric with the class notes

1” Blue painter’s tape (3M for Multi-surfaces #2090 is my favorite)

Ruler – 18 or 24’ long ruler (6” width)

2 bobbins – pick contrasting colors for each type of thread

1 filled with favorite cotton thread for quilting – same brand and weight, but different colors

1 filled with favorite polyester embroidery or quilting thread such as Isacord or Glide – but different colors

Free Motion Slider

Scissors for snipping threads

Scissors for cutting fabric

Needle and thread – OR- favorite quilter’s safety pins for basting the three layers together


Machine Needles:

9 mm machines

Microtex sharp 90/14

Jeans 90/14


5 mm machines

Microtex sharp 80/12

Jeans 80/12     


Thread List:    

1 spool of favorite cotton quilting thread, same weight and brand as one of the bobbins

1 spool of favorite polyester embroidery or quilting thread, same weight and brand as one of the bobbins

Fabric List:

NOTE - If you normally prewash your quilt fabrics, please bring prewashed fabric to the class.

Please iron all fabric before coming. Use spray starch or sizing when ironing.

Pick fabric that you will be able to see the pen markings on.

There needs to be contrast between the fabric and the threads you bring.

2 – 1 yard pieces of light colored fabric or muslin with little or no print



Brand and loft is your choice

2 – 23 x 38” pieces



There are 2 books required for this class:

Machine Quilting With Style: From Walking-foot Wonders to Free-motion Favorites by Christa Watson


Free-motion Quilting Idea Book by Amanda Murphy


Note: Please have supplies cut and ready to use when class starts. There is no extra time built into this class for cutting the above supplies.

Skill Level:
Teri Hall

The Three Amigos of Quilting-KTX

$ 60.00
$15 Workbook is Required for Class

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