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12605CD Stained Glass Angel Tiling OESD


12641CD Freestanding Lace Haunted House 2 OESD


12647CD Christmas Village Firehouse Freestanding Lace OESD


12799CD Christmas Village Drug Store Freestanding Lace OESD


12825CD Charming Borders and Corners


12841CD Freestanding Sleigh & Reindeer CD by OESD


12842CD Freestanding Lace Basket For All Seasons


12843CD Squeeze The Day


12844CD Freshwater Fish


12845USB Christmas Village Police Station Freestanding Lace USB OESD


12847CD Freestanding Rocking Horse CD by OESD


12849CD Wedding Day


12857CD Christmas Village Train Station Freestanding CD by OESD


12872USB Freestanding Midnight Manor USB OESD


12875USB Freestanding Cowboy Boots USB OESD


12888CD Freestanding Origami Gift Boxes CD Embroidery Designs OESD


12893CD Mini Floral Monograms CD Embroidery Designs OESD


12895CD Winter Sentiments Card Collection CD Embroidery Designs OESD


4" Curved Embroidery Scissors Gingher


51221CD Geometric Garden


51227CD Let It Grow Collection


51228CD Hold My Beer Collection


51229CD Quilter's Building Blocks Collection


51232CD Radical Retro Collection


51236CD If You Build It Collection Scissor Tails


51257USB Candy Cottage Freestanding USB Scissortail OESD


51263USB Twinkle Tree USB OESD


51269USB Bobbin the Elf USB OESD


51273USB Freestanding Witchy Wall Hanger USB OESD


80189CD Succulents by Elena Vladykina Scissortail


80300CD Celestial Lights by Amanda Murphy


80301CD O Holy Night Tiling Scene


80303CD Colorblock Cork by Pickle Pie Designs OESD


80315CD Nightingale By Amanda Murphy


80322CD Magnolias by Jackie Robinson OESD


80332CD Summer Glory CD Dona Gelsinger OESD


82023USB Holiday Stitches


82027CD All Systems Glow by Benartex


90019USB Peace on Earth Tiling Scene by Shannon Roberts Scissortail OESD


90028CD Daydreamer Embroidery CD Tula Pink Scissortail Stitches


Hello Sunshine Machine Embroidery Kimberbell


K-310-LMG Lime Green Solid Tea Towel Pkg of 1 Dunroven


K310-BLK Black Solid Tea Towel Pkg of 1 Dunroven


K310-BR Bright Red Solid Tea Towel Pkg of 1 Dunroven


K310-G Green Solid Tea Towel Pkg of 1 Dunroven


K310-GRY Grey Solid Tea Towel Pkg of 1 Dunroven


K310-PUR Purple Solid Tea Towel Pkg of 1 Dunroven


K310-R Red Solid Tea Towel Pkg of 1 Dunroven


K310-WHT White Solid Tea Towel Pkg of 1 Dunroven


KAI 5 in Double Curved Embroidery Scissors


KD568 Happy Hoop Decor Vol 1 Whimsical Christmas Ornaments Kimberbell


KD593 Noel's Quilted Stockings Kimberbell


KD810 Candy Corn Quilt Shoppe Quilt Machine Embroidery Kimberbell


KDKB1205 Sweet As Candy Clear Vinyl Kimbellishment Kimberbell


KDKB1232 Cherry Red Embroidery Felt Kimberbell


KDKB1236 French Pink Embroidery Felt Kimberbell


KDKB1239 Red and White Wool Felt Balls Kimberbell


KDKB138 Light Green Applique Glitter Sheet 19.5 x 7.5" Kimberbell


KDKB142 White Applique Glitter Sheet 19.5 x 7.5” Kimberbell


KDKB148 Pink Applique Glitter Sheet 19.5 x 7.5” Kimberbell


KDKB196 Gold Faux Embroidery Leather 8"x24" Kimberbellishment


KDST105 Precut Medium Tear-Away Embroidery Stabilizer Kimberbell


Kimberbell Fill in the Blank: April 2021 Cactus Love Zipper Pouch


Kimberbell Fill in the Blank: August 2021 Pet Kerchief Blank


Kimberbell Fill in the Blank: December 2021 Buffalo Check Seasoned with Love Pie Carrier Blank Kimberbell Designs


Kimberbell Fill in the Blank: Feb 2021 Life is Short Ombre Tea Towel Set


Kimberbell Fill in the Blank: July 2021 Home of the Blooms Pillow Design


Kimberbell Fill in the Blank: June 2021 Small Fry Baby Bodysuit


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